Wild Grape Escape - Exfoliant Sugar Body Scrub

Wild Grape Escape - Exfoliant Sugar Body Scrub

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Explore the aromatic scent of sweet wild grapes. It will enlighten your senses and lift your happy spirits. Sometimes your skin needs an extra boost to help it look its best. Sloughing off dead skin cells to allow your true healthy glow to shine through will leave your skin soft and supple. This sugar scrubs does not disappoint with its high levels of hydrating and nourishing ingredients. As an added bonus your skin will be sweet to soft kisses.

How to Use: After cleansing skin, open jar and stir your scrub with your finger, apply to wet skin and massage in circular motions then rinse. Bonus: No, lotions or butters will be needed to re-moisturize your skin. 

Ingredients: organic sugar crystals- retains skins moisture and hydrates complexion.

Shea butter - boosts skins moisture.

Wild Grape sweetened flavor - (natural)

Grapeseed oil - moisturizes and balances the skin.

Coconut oil- moisturizes and reduces wrinkles,

Vegan mica - natural mineral ingredient. 

Vitamin E - helps protect skin cells from damage, locks in moisture.

Absolutely NO! Artificial coloring, perfumes, paraben free.

100% All Natural